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For its newest 4.4 mega sale, Shopee is changing its strategy to hold its first Midnight Mega Sale, by providing a flash offer that is available exclusively from 12:00 to 02:00. This is to target the new target audience Shopee term as “Cinderella shoppers” who are basically consumers who prefer to shop late into the night. According to Shopee, the platform has experienced a steady increase in this consumption pattern among its users across the region. This pattern is also evident in Shopee’s 4.4 mega sales, which shows the Midnight Mega Sale segment recorded six times more sales compared to the day’s average. In fact, according to Shopee, 2,000 items were sold in the first minute of a 4.4 mega sale.

In an exclusive interview with MARKETING INTERACTIVE, Tiger Wang, head of marketing for Shopee Singapore, said that he decided to hold a Midnight Mega Sale because he saw the level of shopping activity pick up during the middle of the night in recent months. In March alone, Shopee saw shopping activity in the first two hours nearly triple, compared to the same period last year regionally. In addition, the team also observed women as the most active Cinderella buyers in all of its markets. Shopee declined to comment on exact sales figures.

Apart from Singapore and Malaysia, Wang also revealed that although the number of “Cinderella buyers” has increased across all of its markets, the top three with the highest growth in this user segment are Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, when compared to the same period ago. year.

“We believe that this trend is likely to persist as eCommerce has enabled an ‘always-on’ shopping experience, where people can shop anywhere, anytime,” added Wang.

When asked what could have caused the sudden increase in “Cinderella buyers”, Wang said there are buyers who tend to stay up late to be the first to get special offers, flash sales, cashback and discount vouchers that are released at midnight. “This could be because ‘kiasuThe mentality (fear of loss), where they want to ensure the desired product does not run out of stock, “he explained.

What does this mean for the brand?

However, knowing the existence of this target audience is not enough. Brands looking to tap into this audience segment need to ensure that they are fully equipped to meet the demands of Cinderella buyers in a short period of time.

“Time is the key to attracting consumers’ attention. To target these buyers, brands must ensure that their promotions and offers are available and visible when the buyer is online and active at night, ”said Wang.

He added that brands looking to tap into this target audience segment must ensure that they have high discoverability, value and engagement. This can be done by aligning all marketing efforts including online marketing ads and live streaming to focus on attracting users with engaging content, right up to the golden hour of 12:00.

Brands must also allocate adequate stock storage units, exclusive items, gifts with purchases, vouchers and offers during the 12.00 to 02.00 period to ensure that their products do not run out quickly. “Once buyers can’t get the product they want from your shop, they probably won’t come back [your store], “He explained. Buyers also know that the best deals are available during this period, so conditioning their buying behavior from time to time to seek out midnight specials can give brands an advantage to reduce market noise.

If brands want to target Cinderella shoppers on Shopee, they will have to work on increasing their brand’s visibility on the platform, which of course means spending more money on advertising and increasing partnership prices. “This goes back to understanding the behavior of your target audience at Shopee based on historical data and looking at which buying route has the highest impact during the midnight shopping belt,” said Wang.

Most importantly, he added, brands should continue to experiment in targeting Cinderella buyers. Every brand is unique and needs to implement a strategy that works specifically for them. Brands need to test different budget and resource allocation models, for example, to see what the buyer profile is responding to, and what tactics are.

While the Midnight Mega Sale was a success with its users, Shopee did not provide a definitive answer as to whether this was something to be invested in. According to Wang, each Shopee sales festival caters to the various needs of different users across the region. , including the growing segment of Cinderella Shoppers.

“At Shopee, we pride ourselves on our highly localized marketing approach,” he said, adding that when building a marketing strategy it is important for brands to understand local customs, expectations and nuances, to ensure that they are tailored to the unique needs of each individual market. .

Consumer needs are also constantly changing and today’s buyers expect a shopping experience that is personalized, social and integrated. To meet the demand for a better shopping experience, Shopee says it is consistently refining its recommendation engine to offer more customized shopping suggestions. At the same time, he is working to improve the interaction features in his applications such as Shopee Live and Shopee Feed, to make the online shopping experience more engaging and social. Overall, the aim is to create innovative experiences that deliver a seamless customer journey across all points of contact.

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