Various Interesting Facts About War Hammer Titan

After a long wait by the fans, finally the last Titan Shifter to be shown in the anime series Attack on Titan namely War Hammer Titan finally appeared in the fourth season. War Hammer Titan is one of the nine Titan Shifter or Titan Ymir in existence. Just like other Titan Shifter, War Hammer Titan also has an interesting uniqueness.

War Hammer Titan itself was introduced in episode six, when Eren showed his Attack Titan form and attacked Liberio. In this episode we saw how Eren fought War Hammer and had a hard time facing all his abilities. However, in the end Eren knew how to defeat the War Hammer Titan. Maybe some of the geeks don’t really know this Titan, and here are some interesting things about the War Hammer Titan.

Just like Founding Titan

The same meaning here is not from shape or size or strength. However, the same here is how the power was passed on. As explained in the initial episode of the fourth season, War Hammer Titan has been owned by only one family for hundreds of years, namely the Tybur family. Unlike the other Titan heirs who have different heirs.

This is the same as the Titan power of the Founding Titan, where the heir has been the descendant of the Fritz alias Reiss family before his power was stolen by Grisha Yeager and passed on again to Eren Yeager. The Tybur family managed to keep the War Hammer Titan’s strength from generation to generation. No other family has succeeded in inheriting the War Hammer Titan’s powers apart from the Tybur family – but Eren then drinks the blood of the Titan’s heir in episode 7.

Have the Ability to harden

Hardening is one of the most important abilities demonstrated throughout the series. Annie and her Female Titan are able to create a very strong crystal, which covers her body. This was done to avoid pursuit and punishment from the Survey Corps. As is known, Annie is an intruder in the organization.

Apart from Annie, Founding Titan users can also do the same thing, for example when Karl Fritz ordered millions of Wall Titans to stick together and then harden themselves, into three large walls that protect Paradisians. However, for the hardening technique problem, War Hammer Titan is much stronger than the others.

Not on the shoulders

Geeks probably already know that the most common way to kill a Titan is to attack the neck, especially the back of the neck. We have seen many Survey Corps troops finish off existing Titans by circling their bodies and then targeting the back of the neck. They will then cut the part and finally the Titan dies.

However, War Hammer Titan is different from other Titans. Eren realized this when all the attacks directed at him failed. In episode 6 yesterday, Eren finally realized that the owner of his Titan power was not inside the Titan, but in a separate place. Eren then saw that Willy Tybur’s younger brother was underground, and hardened his body parts.

Willy Tybur’s younger brother

Whether on purpose or not, Hajime Isayama has never named the heir to the War Hammer Titan power. The heir of the War Hammer Titan power is known as the younger brother of Willy Tybur (Willy Tybur’s Sister). What is unique is that the world has never known that he is the heir to the power of the War Hammer Titan.

In fact, no one from Tybur’s own family knows who actually has the power of the War Hammer. All they know is that one of them is the heir to the War Hammer Titan. In the previous episode, we saw how Willy seems to be the true heir. However, we only learned the truth after Willy was eaten by Eren.

Belongs to Eren

Episode 7 yesterday was the climax of the battle between Eren and Willy Tybur’s younger brother. In the previous episode, Eren finally managed to find out where his real body was – which turned out to be underground. Eren himself then tried to destroy the crystal that covered Willy’s younger brother. However, the crystals were so hard that Attack Titan’s teeth were crushed.

Eren then managed to destroy the crystal after seeing that the nails of the Jaw Titan were able to damage the crystal. When Jaw Titan was unconscious, Eren then forced Jaw Titan to destroy the crystal, which finally succeeded and Willy Tybur’s own body was destroyed. His blood is then drunk by Eren, which means Eren now has the power of the War Hammer Titan.