Showroom Selects Representing 9 Korean Designers! Everything You Need To Know!

More and more designers are seeing the global impact of aligning their collections with New York Fashion Week. Korea Creative Content Agency team director Lee Hye Eun told The Daily about The Selects. This week we will meet a group of talented Korean designers who are bringing their brands to the global fashion scene. Hye Eun told us what’s going to happen next!

Tell us a little about the history of The Selects.
The Selects is a dedicated showroom for Korean fashion brands that started in Soho, New York in 2018. There are many talented designers in Korea. The Korean government, – the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism – and the Korea Creative Content Agency operate The Selects to introduce Korean brands to the global fashion scene. They promote and sell brands in New York and Paris, which are global fashion centers.

How do you choose a designer that is superior?
The Selects brand was selected through a screening process not only by Koreans but also by global experts. The evaluation criteria include the growth potential, the quality of the collection and whether the brand is prepared for overseas expansion. At the 2018 opening, 10 designers joined, and this year 9 new designers joined as well. As our showroom name reflects, we are confident in our curation because we choose our brands carefully.

How will you launch digitally this season?
The 21FW The Selects designer collection will be presented to the digital showroom this season. The Selects Showroom opens on the Le New Black sales platform and on our own platform at Starting from the New York market on February 15, our launch will continue to Paris and international sales, and we are also currently preparing to do so in

What are the advantages of digital shows for brands and buyers?
We work hard to provide buyers with more information than when they visit the site. We created an environment where a designer exclusive collection can be examined in detail, making it easy to order, as if the customer was shopping.
Who are the superior brands? Will the designers make films?

How will the collection be displayed?
The nine brands of The Selects are ready to meet buyers through the main collection. Our top brands this year include WNDERKAMMER, EENK, YOUSER, EYEYE, NEUL, THE STUDIO K, C-ZANN ​​E, VERSO, and HANKIM. This seasonal collection of nine brands, each with its own personality, is provided as an image and video look book. That
interested can check it through the buyer authentication systems on the two platforms mentioned earlier.

What’s the biggest challenge for designers?
The biggest challenge is that the season goes on without a break. In particular, it is not easy for Korean designers to prepare for the global fashion week schedule which is held more than a month ahead of Seoul Fashion Week.

How can anyone see this?
Once you are verified as a buyer, you can browse the collection and place an order. The digital collection will be released to the public through promotional events in the future.

The Selects

How will you promote the visibility of this designer outside the Korean market?
We are intensively promoting to today’s global buyers, as well as media professionals like you are part of our work. In addition, we tried to grab everyone’s attention by showing ads in Times Square and running a Paris Street campaign.

What do you think it will be like in September? Would you like to come back to live performances and
In September, we hope to meet in person and watch a show together, as we did before COVID19. However, COVID19 does change all of us. Online platforms are becoming increasingly common. It is hoped that business formats that combine offline and online forms will become the norm.

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