Nathalie Holscher Pregnant Child Sule!


In the midst of the chaos of Nathalie Holscher’s departure from Sule’s house, it turned out that there was good news. Nathalie Holscher is known to be pregnant with Sule’s child. Nathalie Holscher is known to be five weeks pregnant.

This can be seen in the Sunnah YouTube Channel. In it, Nathalie Holscher first checks whether she is pregnant. He also ventured to check through a pregnancy test.

It is also shown that there is a result of two lines there, which means that it is positive for pregnancy. To be sure again, Nathalie Holscher finally went to a hospital.

There you find out that Nathalie Holscher is really pregnant. She also cried when she heard the news that she was pregnant with Sule’s child. He continued to cry on the bed when he was examined by one of the doctors.

“No problem, this is five weeks,” explained the doctor on the Sunnah Youtube Channel.

Nathalie Holscher was finally asked to stop crying by the doctor and listen to what the doctor said. He finally wiped his tears and stopped crying to listen to the doctor’s explanation.

“Stop first, please explain this first,” explained the doctor.

“Yes, this is very happy doc,” said Nathalie Holscher.

“Yes, it’s usually sensitive,” explained the doctor.

On that occasion, the doctor also told about what not to be consumed by Nathalie Holscher while pregnant with her child.

He also listened to the doctor’s words carefully. Nathalie Hoslcher also asked the doctor a lot about what to eat and do.

The doctor also gave some input to Nathalie Holscher. The doctor also advised drinking plenty of water during Nathalie Holscher’s pregnancy.

“Drink lots of water, if you can add it with honey, it’s okay,” explained the doctor.

The doctor also said that Nathalie Holscher should be happy during pregnancy. You shouldn’t be stressed because it affects the condition of the fetus.

“You don’t have to be stressed, you have to be happy,” explained the doctor.

“Crying all the time, because this is a doc,” said Nathalie Holscher.

In the video, Nathalie Holscher’s ultrasound screen shows the date of April 22, 2021. That means that Nathalie Holscher was only tested today.

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