Ministry of Health Allows Breastfeeding Mothers, People with Comorbids, and Covid-19 Survivors to Be Vaccinated Page all

JAKARTA, – The Ministry of Health issued Circular (SE) Circular Letter (SE) HK.02.02 / I / 368/2021 which allows breastfeeding mothers and Covid-19 survivors to receive Covid-19 vaccine injections.

Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Muhammad Budi Hidayat when confirmed on Friday (12/2/2021) said that the SE regulates the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination in the target group of elderly, comorbid, Covid-19 survivors, and targets. which is postponed.

“The National Immunization Expert Advisory Committee has submitted a study that Covid-19 vaccination can be given to the age group of 60 years and over, comorbid, Covid-19 survivors and breastfeeding mothers,” Budi told, Friday.

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Budi said this new policy was made after BPOM approval for additional indications of Covid-19 vaccination for those aged 60 years and over and considering the size of the target postponed in the first phase of vaccination.

However, Budi reminded that giving the Covid-19 vaccine to the above groups must be preceded by an additional medical history examination or anamnesis.

Additional history points are attached in the SE.

Second, Budi continued, the implementation of vaccination follows the technical guidelines for the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination.

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For the elderly group, vaccination in the age group 60 years and over is given in two doses with an interval of 28 days (0 and 28).

For the comorbid group with high blood pressure (hypertension) can be vaccinated unless the blood pressure is above 180/110 MmHg. Blood pressure measurements should be taken before the screening table

For diabetes comorbid group, can be vaccinated as long as there are no acute complications.

Meanwhile, cancer survivors can still be given vaccines.

“Then, Covid-19 survivors can be vaccinated if it’s been more than three months. Then breastfeeding mothers can be vaccinated,” continued Budi.

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Third, the Ministry of Health urges heads of regional health offices to update the PCare application in order to facilitate renewal of screening and re-registration of postponed targets.

Fourth, the Ministry of Health asked all vaccination service posts to be equipped with an anaphylaxis kit and be under the responsibility of Puskemas or Hospitals.

Fifth, for the postponed target, information will be given to come back to the health service facility for vaccination.

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“In connection with this, it is hoped that the Heads of Provincial and District / City Health Offices throughout Indonesia can immediately take the necessary corrective action,” said Budi.

“The goal is to improve the smooth implementation of vaccinations and accelerate the increase in Covid-19 vaccination coverage as referred to above,” he added.

As is known, the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination has been carried out since January 13, 2021.

The government has determined that the Covid-19 vaccination will be carried out in stages with a target of 181.5 million people.