End of Season Entry Survey ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Falcon and Winter Soldier concludes on Friday, wrapping up Disney + ‘second Marvel series. Under, Ringer the staff offer their reviews of the show so far, predictions for the finals, and thoughts on what will happen next for Captain America – whoever it is.

1. What is the length review of your tweet That Falcon and Winter Soldier so far?

Jomi Adeniran: When it was meh, it was meh. But if it’s good… it’s really good.

Miles Surrey: For better or for worse, it truly feels like a six-hour film packed into a TV series. (OK, mostly worse.) I want to apologize for the occasional giving WandaVision hard times.

Arjuna Ramgopal: Return to the usual MCU action for fans, with a bit of character development and the thematic structure used in WandaVision—Mix with visuals and tones from Winter Soldier and Civil War.

Aric Jenkins: Some solid social commentary and impressive battle sequences, however… I’m bored. I miss WandaVision.

Ben Lindbergh: More grain well made for the Marvel factory, without the oddity WandaVision but with a surprising social awareness. Making it into a movie might have saved us time.

2. What excites you the most towards the finals?

Jenkins: John Walker did a little “I … AM … CAPTAIN AMERICA” when he saw Sam in his Captain America vibranium suit.

Lindbergh: Luke Skywalker’s cameo! No wait, wrong Disney series (and wrong actors, so far). “Excited” exaggerates the way Falcon and Winter Soldier makes me feel, but I’m looking forward to seeing screen superhero Julia Louis-Dreyfus steal some scenes.

Ramgopal: Sam Wilson finally to be the next Captain America. It was ridiculed almost two years ago at the end Avengers: Endgame, but it’s slow for Falcon to become one of the next MCU superheroes. With Wakanda’s new outfit, I was ready to see whatever coat Sam chose when he publicly became the hero he always was.


Surrey: Whether John Walker goes rogue with a mock Captain America shield will deter Sam and Bucky from trying to come up with a peaceful resolution to Flag Breaker. Even though it is quite possible that they had everything set up with Walker for Season 2 (?).

3. Given the title of the show, will Falcon and Winter Soldier continue to use the moniker at the end of the season?

Ramgopal: Impossible. This show is about the coat and what it means for individuals and the public. It’s clear Sam and Bucky are struggling to find their place in this new world with their current superhero names. In many ways, they just don’t fit in anymore. In the penultimate episode, the two characters prove that they have passed their age. Sam physically left his wing, leaving him with Torres (and potentially the sign of Torres being the next Falcon). Bucky proves he is no longer a murderer by saving Zemo and asks Dora Milaje to take him away.

Adeniran: I don’t believe so. The two will change their names to Captain America and White Wolf, with due respect, which is fine for them but admittedly difficult for branding. Who will watch Season 2 from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when there isn’t a character called Falcon or The Winter Soldier?

Lindbergh: Given the former Falcon’s severed wing and his Captain America training montage at the end of Episode 5, I would pick no. Congratulations to Joaquín Torres on his new nickname and to Danny Ramirez on his new tax class.

Surrey: This feels so insignificant, don’t they just visit Sam and Bucky most of the time? But it looks like Joaquín Torres will also be the new guy to fly on the “Falcon” wing, maybe soon after the final.


4. Strength ranks the criminals of the season towards the finals, in terms of how attractive you find them.


1. Zemo
2. John Walker
3. Batroc the Leaper
[Everyone else]
The second to last. A water pump that Sam and Bucky can’t fix.
Dead last. Karli and the Flag Crusher.

Lindbergh: The cheapskate bank loan specialist of the Wilsons family; Baron Zemo; post-serum John Walker / AS Agent; Bucky’s confrontational therapist; Karli and his men. No offense to Flag Breakers – I love Saruman’s Hand-inspired logo and slick-looking mobile app – but their grudge against the GRC can’t bore me.

Jenkins: The number one criminal is the US government for what he did to Isaiah Bradley. Zemo came in second, largely for his charm, but also for his Madripoorian club serial killer-like dance. Also, John Walker has entered the race as a candidate for the dark horse; he had the potential to make mistakes in the final. One thing is certain: Karli and his whiny Flag-Smashers didn’t finish first.

Surrey: This is John Walker from a distance. Wyatt Russell does a great job of conveying how the enormous responsibility of being Captain America can crush someone under the weight of expectations while exposing their flaws. (A good soldier is not always a good person, etc.) That being said: While Walker kills someone is unforgivable, the premiere opens with Sam Wilson casually killing a group of terrorists. The show may also be called Falcon and False Equivalency.


1. Zemo
2. John Walker
3. Sharon Carter
4. Batroc
5. Brokerage
[Everyone else]
Last one. Karli and The Flag Smashers

While Zemo isn’t the same villain we last saw Civil war, he remains an attractive character with perverted feelings about what is right and wrong. I can’t see Walker being bailed out, but the show has done a great job of showing what it will do by putting corrupt individuals into the spotlight. Karli and Flag-Smashers have a lot of potential, especially in a world where there is a huge consequence of losing half of its population. But the show hasn’t done a great job of actually developing this villain over standard MCU films, despite having three times as much screen time.

5. Final prediction time: Who is the Electrical Broker?

Lindbergh: That’s Sharon All Along.

Ramgopal: Characters that we haven’t met or who don’t really matter.

Surrey: If Power Broker isn’t Sharon Carter, who’s obviously running some kind of underhand operation at Madripoor, then it’s definitely someone who doesn’t know viewers yet.

Jenkins: Must be Sharon, right? Or does he only have access to global satellites?

Adeniran: Maybe the real Power Broker is the one inside us all the time… but maybe Thunderbolt Ross or someone we least expect.

6. After the arrival of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, will we see another surprise cameo in the final? If so, who is it?

Jenkins: Damn it. Say Chris Evans. In the form of a flashback, maybe ???

Surrey: All the sensation surrounding this MCU cameos is a huge distraction Falcon and Winter Soldier into a messy and uneven TV series. But I think my answer is no.

Lindbergh: Al Pacino as Mephisto. Just because it doesn’t happen on WandaVision The finale doesn’t mean it can’t happen here.

Adeniran: I wouldn’t be surprised if Rhodey Don Cheadle appeared like him in the first episode, but I don’t think we can have a series that’s based on knowledge. Captain America: The Winter Soldier without Nick Fury making the slightest appearance.

Ramgopal: While I would like Power Broker to be the character we’ve already met, it feels like it’s a character that hasn’t been introduced – meaning our last big cameo will be the Power Broker disclosure, which will then be used in more MCU content in the future.

7. The series has shifted between different genres – friend comedy, military epic, espionage thriller and more. In terms of theme, what it is That Falcon and Winter Soldier finally about?

Surrey: Sokovia rips off the dance floor.

Adeniran: Whether through the lens of race, immigration, or class structure, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is about realizing that the world we live in is not really what it seems. Sam, Bucky, and John Walker each have to take a step back in the various episodes and realize, “Wow, I know less about this than I ever thought.”

Jenkins: Obviously The’s the Falcon and the Winter Soldier this has laid the groundwork for the romantic union between Bucky and Sam’s sister Sarah. We all saw big smiles on the boat. It is a love story.

Lindbergh: Rebuilding. Ships are damaged, wings are broken, ties are broken, souls are broken, trust is broken, racial relations are broken, global sociopolitical power structures are damaged, character continuity of actors is damaged – you call a situation that is in dire need of repair, and it is almost certain that someone in Falcon and Winter Soldier try to fix it.

Ramgopal: Move on when the world has changed. FWS has focused a lot on a very different post-snap world. It has influenced our two protagonists and all of the supporting characters in different and interesting ways. MCU films don’t have the luxury of digging deep and examining the repercussions of their big decisions. This is the epilogue of End of game shows where Sam and Bucky are going. Now that they are no longer attached to Steve, who and what are they?