China is willing to help India in fighting COVID-19

China is willing to help India while battling a surge in coronavirus cases, China’s foreign ministry said on Thursday.

China realizes that the epidemic in India has been severe recently, and there is a temporary shortage of materials needed for epidemic prevention, said Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the foreign ministry. He was responding to questions at regular media briefings about what action China is taking in light of the spread of the epidemic in India.

“China is willing to provide the necessary support and assistance,” said Wang, without giving details about what the assistance would be. “The new coronavirus is a common enemy of all humanity, and the global community needs to come together as one to fight the epidemic.”

India recorded nearly 315,000 new coronavirus infections as of Thursday and its health services are struggling to contain them. Health officials in northern and western India say they are in crisis, with most hospitals full and running out of oxygen.

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