Asked about the fetus, Nagita’s cry suddenly exploded. Raffi suspected that something was being covered up:

TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM – Nagita Slavina teased her when she was questioned by her husband, Raffi Ahmad.

In fact, Nagita Slavina’s eyes were swollen when she woke up from crying too much.

This made Raffi Ahmad confused about Nagita Slavina’s attitude because she suddenly cried when she was asked something.

However, Nagita Slavina could not stop crying until she returned to her room.

When he got to the room, he immediately buried himself under the blanket of the bed.

Seeing Nagita Slavina’s attitude, Raffi Ahmad was suspicious of the baby in his wife’s womb.

He also conveyed the hunch he had experienced in the last few days.

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Reported by from YouTube Rans Entertainment, initially Raffi Ahmad asked to be accompanied by a sahur by Nagita Slavina before leaving for filming.

Still in a sleepy state, Nagita Slavina continued to serve her husband to accompany Raffi Ahmad sahur at home.

Previously, Nagita Slavina had prepared a meal that she cooked herself for Raffi Ahmad to work.