7 Best Sidelane Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) to Fill Gold Lane!

Sidelaner is a very important role in Mobile Legends (ML). It is very important for a sidelane hero to win lane and farming quickly because he will be relied on to be the second core. Namely a hero who can carry his team besides junglers. Hero sidelane, in contrast to offlane, is a hero that is usually placed on Gold lane.

Usually the main role of sidelane is to dominate in the mid-late game because sidelaner heroes usually can’t farm as fast as junglers and need items to do significant damage. But not all Jungler heroes can be put on sidelane because the sidelane hero is a hero who doesn’t need a buff.

Here are 7 best sidelane heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) that you can try to pick:

1. Benedetta

skin starlight January 2021
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Benedetta is an ML hero who doesn’t have a natural counter like what AE said. Ahmmad. This hero is so OP because it has burst damage, escape skills, CC skills, and is also one of the Assassin heroes who doesn’t depend on buffs.

Sidelane also has a lot of bush (bushes) so it is easy for Benedetta’s players to scoop up opponents with skill combos and execute suddenly.

2. Harith

skin harith evos legends

Harith sidelane is a meta used by many teams at the MPL Invitational last November. Even AE.Ahmad used Harith quite often in sidelane and continued to dominate the match like when he was placed as a jungler.

Harith in general is a hero who needs a blue buff so he can use skill 2 non-stop while in his ultimate sword area. But as long as Harith can make items that have a CD reduction of at least 35%, then he can still dash non-stop even without the blue buff.

For those of you who want to learn Harith sidelane, you can watch this video:

3. Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-lapu mobile legends ml

According to AE.PAI, Lapu-Lapu is a tier 1 sidelaner or offlaner ML hero who will definitely be a fight for every team if he is not banned. Lapu-Lapu is a complete fighter with burst damage, thick shield, escape skills and also CC.

Lapu-Lapu actually requires level 4 before being able to play bars on the sidelane, but at level 1-3 it is also not weak because it has a long-range skill 1 and a fairly large passive shield. The writer predicts this hero will be the top pick in M2 later.

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4. Wan Wan

7 thick counter tank fighter heroes in Mobile Legends (ML)
Source: UHD Wallpaper

Wan Wan is one of the marksman (MM) most difficult to catch by melee heroes. He has skill 2 which has an effect like Purify, then every time Wan Wan attacks the enemy he will jump in another direction to avoid the opponent, and also he usually uses the Marksman emblem – Weakness Finder which makes the opponent slow down when hit by Wan Wan.

All of this plus skill 1 which can open the bush area to make it visible. All of the above allows Wan Wan to defend safely against other sidelaner heroes. Then when Wan Wan’s passive skill hits the opponent, the opponent’s hero cursing in the bush is also visible. So this hero is one of the best heroes in doing an open vision map.

Wan Wan is a very effective hero against slow tanks or fighters. He can use them as a sacrifice to get Weakness Points and use the ultimate Crossbow of Tang on the soft heroes behind him.

5. Esmeralda

meta mobile legends

Esmeralda is still one of the most feared melee Mage heroes in the Land of Down. This hero is very strong on the lane against melee heroes because he can absorb shield every time he comes into contact with an opponent. So 1 vs 1 with Esmeralda is not a wise thing.

Esmeralda is also a hero with high defense and offense at the same time when she already has key items. So Esmeralda is also suitable to be placed on the Gold lane so that she can get Gold quickly to buy important items.

6. Alice

Alice ML's story
source: uhdpaper.com

Alice is one of the best heroes to penetrate the opponent’s backline. With the return of MM meta, Alice’s pick will be even more suitable because she can use skill 1 towards the opponent’s Jungler or Mage then use combo skill 2 and ultimate to destroy their movements.

Even on the lane Alice is strong enough to defend against other meta heroes because she can use skill 1 to escape easily.

7. Kaja

Kaja OP ML hero doesn't sell

Kaja is one of the overpowered (OP) heroes in Season 19 that not many people know. This is because Kaja was nerfed so that the ultimate has a short distance unlike before. But slowly but surely Moonton continues to buff Kaja so that now the damage burst is really dangerous.

Kaja is a hero who is quite strong in sidelane because he has a combo skill 1 and passive skill that will be able to kill minions quickly while repaying the opponent’s heroes. In the mid-late game the combo flicker, ultimate, skill 2, basic attack, and skill 1 can destroy almost all MM, Assassin, or opponent Mage heroes who don’t buy magic defense items.

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So here are the 7 most overpowered (OP) heroes of Sidelane in Season 19 of Mobile Legends (ML). You can try ranking directly to see the scary abilities of these heroes.

If there are other OP sidelane heroes in your opinion, just comment below.

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