10 Details About Richard Ramirez The Docuseries Leaves Out

Netflix Night Stalker: Serial Killer Hunt takes viewers on a journey through a police investigation into a series of murders, sexual assaults, and attacks in Los Angeles and beyond during the 80s. The victims ranged from young children to women, couples and even the elderly. This brutal villain, who was an inspiration to Criminal thoughtsThe final episode of the fifth season, did not have any kind of victim: he would go after anyone and everyone. Of course, the investigation eventually led to Richard Ramirez, who was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death for his crimes. All of this is covered in detail in the full documentation.

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Nonetheless, while the documentary series focuses on the little details that help detectives solve the case, there is much about the story, and the killer, left out. The information provided here without source comes from Philip Carlo’s 1996 book The Night Stalker: The Life and Crime of Richard Ramirez.

10 Her Father Is A Police Officer

Richard Ramirez of the Hillside Night Stalker Strangler cell

Very little is said about Ramirez’s upbringing other than that basically anything bad that could happen to a child to injure them for life happened to him. His father not only abused him, and he suffered multiple head wounds as a child that led to epileptic seizures, but he even witnessed murder as a child.

The Netflix documentation doesn’t go into many details about his family, nor does it include that his father actually worked as a police officer at Ciudad Juarez in Mexico before the family moved to the US.

9 More About Her Siblings

The Ramirez Brothers' Night Stalker

It may have been mentioned briefly, but not much is noted about the fact that Ramirez has four siblings. One could only imagine that all four of his siblings were going through the same kind of childhood trauma he was going through, but there’s no word on where these siblings are now. However, it is known that their names are Ruth, Robert, Joseph, and Ruben.

8 Her Cousin Is The Biggest (& Worst) Influence

night stalker richard ramirez son

Dokuseri mentioned how Ramirez witnessed the murder of a family member as a child, but did not investigate the details. Ramirez spends a lot of time with his older cousin Mike, who is a Green Beret. Mike made up his mind to go into the gruesome details of what he did to Vietnamese women while serving in the Vietnam War, even reportedly showing him a photo of Ramirez he took.

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Mike ends up killing his own wife in front of Ramirez, then 12, showing the impressionable child that this type of behavior is fine.

7 His Brother-in-Law Is A Peeping Tom

Dianne Feinstein on Night Stalker on Netflix

As if that wasn’t enough to turn a young man into a disturbed person, Ramirez later reportedly tried to run away from his abusive father and after witnessing the murder of his cousin’s wife by living with her sister and husband, but that didn’t happen. be good.

Her sister Ruth’s husband, Roberto, appears to be a voyeur who likes to sneak out at night and watch over the women in their home. Ramirez was leaving with him, and his drug use was getting worse, from consuming marijuana to ingesting LSD.

6 He Works At A Holiday Inn

The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez

Ramirez actually had a decent job at the local Holiday Inn, while going to school, except that he would use his key to enter guest rooms and steal their valuables, even when people were in the rooms sleeping.

Finally, his nighttime visit escalates to something even worse when Ramirez tries to rape a woman in his room. The woman’s husband came back on time and beat Ramirez. Unsurprisingly, he was fired. Ramirez was lucky, because the couple, who live in another state, did not wish to return to testify, and thus charges were dropped against him.

5 The First Murder was committed in 1984

night stalker victim ramirez mei leung

Ramirez’s first murder which should not have been mentioned in the crime document, because it was not linked to him until long after his arrest. In 1984, he raped, beat, and killed a nine year old girl named Mei Leung in the basement of a hotel where he was staying at the time.

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The murders were not only attributed to Ramirez via matching DNA evidence made in 2009, but there is evidence that other suspects were present, possibly teenagers at the time.

4 He was Threatened to Shoot the Prosecutor

on Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer on Netflix

During the trial and while in prison, several employees reportedly heard Ramirez talk about a plan to shoot the prosecutor with a gun he was going to smuggle into the courtroom through a friend. He mentioned the possibility of shooting at other people as well.

Because of these spoken threats, metal detectors were installed outside the courtroom and everyone who entered was thoroughly searched to ensure that no weapons could find their way into and into Ramirez’s hands.

3 A Jury Killed

Netflix's Night Stalker

During the trial, a jury did not appear one day, which stopped the trial. It turned out that the woman, Phyllis Singletary, had been shot and killed in her apartment. Not surprisingly, the other jurors were terrified, worried that Ramirez had someone outside doing his bidding.

However, it was later revealed that the incident was a coincidence: Singletary was killed by her boyfriend who committed suicide at a hotel on the same day. However, the jury who replaced Singletary avoided his home during the trial for fear something might happen to him.

2 It was the most expensive experiment ever

OJ Simpson

While trials have taken place that cost far more today, the Ramirez trial was, at the time, the most expensive in California history. It costs $ 1.8 million which, adjusted for inflation to 2019 figures, would be the equivalent of roughly $ 3.71 million today. It remained the most expensive trial California has ever seen until the OJ Simpson murder trial in 1994.

1 He got married… Twice

Ramirez's wife the night stalker

Dokuseri highlighted the various fan letters and photos that Ramirez got from women of all ages who were deeply fascinated with serial killers and found them attractive and attractive. The large number of female fans led the media to dub him the “Death Row Romeo.”

But the document did not mention that he was actually married to either of them. Doreen Lioy sent him nearly 75 letters during his time in prison. Finally, he proposed in 1988 and they married in 1996 in the San Quentin State Prison. Lioy had planned to commit suicide when Ramirez was executed, but changed his mind about the confirmed killer after DNA evidence proved he raped and killed nine-year-old Leung. Remarkably, Ramirez married a second time before dying of B cell lymphoma in 2013, to 23-year-old author, Christine Lee.

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